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West Kai (West Kaio) : Short and chubby, West Kai controls the Universe’s West Quadrant, which is the home of many incredible warriors. Pikkon is his prize fighter.

West Kaioshin (West Supreme Kai):
She was the Kaioshin of the Western Universe. She was the first female Kaioshin, she was also the first to be killed by Majin Buu when he was under the control of Bibidi.

White (General White):
The leader of the Red Ribbon Army's northern forces, General White leads his men on an exhaustive search for one of the
seven magic Dragon Balls. In order to cover more territory, he forces the citizens of a nearby village to assist him in his quest. To ensure the village's loyalty, White has kidnapped the Village Chief and now holds him hostage atop the heavily fortified Muscle Tower.

Wild Tiger:
This bulky fighter of the 28th World Tournament thinks
he will easily beat 4 year old Pan, but he gets knocked
out instantly.

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