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Yajirobe (Yajirobi):
He's a coward, but a good warrior considering he's human. He usually does something brave at the last second of some fights. Now-a-days he's seen living up in Korin's Tower offering the Z-Fighters Senzu Beans if they happen to visit.

Yakon is one of Babidi's minions. He is from a distant corner of the universe which has no light. He fights Goku on the second level of Babidi's spaceship. He can also feed on attacks like the Kamehameha, but Goku soon overcomes this little problem and beats Yakon with ease.

One of the Ogres who shows Goku and King Kai to
the plane that will take them to the Afterlife Tournament.
Demon Lord Yao was the king of Mt. Paozu. He beats up on Goku Juniors friend, Mr. Bear, and this causes Goku Jr. to transform into the legendary Super Saiyan. After this, Goku beats up and kills Yao.
A longtime friend and ally of Goku's, though he was once a notorious bandit. He is sometimes accompanied by Puar, his devoted cat companion. In the heat of battle against the Saiyans, Yamcha volunteers to fight the Saibamen instead of Krillin but is killed. He and Bulma were once together, and often illicit sparks fly for each other. Eventually Bulma moves on to Vegeta. Later in the series he quits fighting and can usually be seen at hanging out at Capsule Corp.
Yamu (Yam):
Yamu is paired up with Spopovich and sent to the World Tournament to gather energy for Babidi, the evil wizard. The energy they are sent to gather is needed to awaken Majin Buu. When Yamu and Spopovich complete their task, Babidi kills Spopvich and when Yamu sees this he trys to escape but is killed by Pui Pui, one of Babadi's head cronies.
Yemma (King Yemma, King Yama, Lord Enma):
King Yemma is the most powerful and fastest ogre in the Other World. He sits at the entrance desk of the Next Dimension, admitting people into either Heaven or Hell. Yemma was also the first to make it all the way down Snake Way.

A giant monster that Vegeta and Nappa fight and kill during their visit to Arlia in the Saiyan Saga.

Yoodon is one of the orphans met by Gohan when he escaped Piccolo. He had a sling-shot and a motor bike to escape on after they stole apples from a market.

Goku's driving instructor during the time before the Cell games, Yuzukaa attempted to teach Goku how to drive. However, this task almost killed him because Goku sucked at driving. After Goku and Piccolo save a bus from falling off a cliff, Yuzukaa told them they didn't need licenses with that kind of power. (That, and flying is a lot quicker).

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