Dragonball Z Chat Log -- Laura Bailey

Laura Bailey Transcript

Thank you so much for joining us once again for the Celebrity Chat. Today we are glad to have Laura Bailey as our guest. Laura is the voice of Young Trunks and Marlene (the female lead of Blue Gender).

Hey this is Laura. Thanks for joining me today. I hope I can answer all your questions without too much trouble. =)

Q: How did you get to become the voice of Trunks?
A: Well, I did a show with Kent Williams and he told me about the audition. At first I went in to audition for Android 18, but my friend Meredith beat me out. =)

Q: Can you relate to any of the characters you play?
A: Well, I can relate mostly to trunks, I guess. Because he's always having fun and getting into trouble.

Q: Do you like your job?
A: I love it! Everyone here is so much fun.

Q: What's your favorite saga?
A: Ummm...I really like the Android episodes.

Q: What is Blue Gender?
A: Blue Gender is a new series FUNimation just started. It's really dark but really great! I play Marlene - the female lead on the series.

Q: Do you like the Trunks you are or the future Trunks better?
A: Me - of course. hehe. Chibi Trunks is so cool.

Q: What got you into voice acting?
A: Actually, I pursued a career in acting-acting at first. I just kind of happened upon voice acting.

Q: What is it like to talk like Trunks?
A: At first it really hurt. When I got done with my first few sessions I lost my voice

Q: What is your opinion of Buu?
A: I think he's hilarious!

Q: Do you ever meet and do things with the other voice actors?
A: Yeah! I hang out with Meredith McCoy all the time! She's one of my best friends.

Q: Who is your favorite character and why?
A: I really like Vegeta. He's such a punk.

Q: Are you friends with the voice actor of the future Trunks?
A: Yes I am. Eric and I went to a convention in Atlanta together. He's tons of fun.

Q: How do you get your voice so low? That is VERY impressive.
A: Wow! Thanks! I just get it as raspy as possible and rest just kind-of happens.

Q: If you could date any DBZ guy, who would it be?
A: Future Trunks - he's so dreamy - and he's single.

Q: What's your favorite show and or anime?
A: Blue Gender!!! *shameless plug*

Q: Did you play any small roles in DBZ prior to Young Trunks?
A: Yeah - I started out doing a few episodes as Dende and I also play Gohan's friend Erasa.

Q: Hey Laura! Does it feel weird to play a boy's voice?
A: hehe - actually it's a lot of fun! Boy's always have funnier lines than girls do anyway.

Q: What shows do you like to watch on TV?
A: I like Adult Swim on Cartoon Network a lot, and Xena, and Blue's Clues.

Q: What other experience do you have as a voice actor?
A: None!! DBZ is my first attempt at voice acting, but I sing and stuff so that gave me a little experience.

Q: Do you think Goten is better than Young Trunks? Cause Goten is better.....

Q: Do you like Blue Gender or DBZ better?
A: Don't hate me ... I really dig Blue Gender. It's just so different from anything else I've seen.

Q: What is Blue Gender about?
A: It's about a guy that wakes up in the future to find the whole world overrun by these horrible monsters and he has to fight to stay alive. Oh yeah, and there's this really hot chick that sort-of helps him along the way. =)

Q: What do you recommend for us that we should do to get a job in voice acting?
A: Train as an actor first. Then just audition as much as possible nd don't let a little rejection slow you down.

Q: Laura, do you play any instruments?
A: No, but I sing. Okay, Okay. I can play chopsticks on the piano.

Q: Have you ever caught yourself acting like one of your characters?
A: Yeah, all the time. I keep finding myself starting to laugh like trunks. I'll just bust out in this little boy voice all the sudden. Actually, I think it scares some of my friends.

Q: What are the other voice actors/actresses like?
A: Most of them are really cool. Except for that Meredith chick. She really rubs me the wrong way.

Q: Laura, does anyone ever tell you that you look like Neve Campbell?
A: No - do I?

Q: What episode are you dubbing Young Trunks' voice on at the moment?
A: We just finished 249 a few minutes ago.

Q: What does it feel like to act out powering up? Do you feel, um, powerful?
A: Um - it kind-of hurts actually. I always have to drink tons of water afterwards

Q: Did you choose to talk the way you do or did someone make you?
A: Actually, I made it up. Yea for me! Okay, so I had a little help from Chris Sabat.

Q: What are your favorite movies?
A: Princess Bride!!! That's my favorite, but I really like Moulin Rouge also.

Q: Have you ever been to Japan?
A: No - but I'd like to =)

Q: Do you think Sean Schemmel is a big goon sometimes?
A: Yes - but don't tell him I said that.

Q: What do you do when you aren't dubbing anime or doing stuff for FUNimation?
A: I'm doing other acting jobs. I do commercials and film work too

Q: Are you a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? If so who is your favorite character on it?
A: Uh yeah, that show's cool. But I liked the movie more.

Q: Why do you think Future Trunks is hot?
A: The purple hair really does it for me.

Q: Who is your favorite actor?
A: Kevin Lline is really great. And so is John Malcovich

Q: If you could do a voice of a female on DBZ who's voice would it be?
A: Well - I did audition for 18. But my voice wasn't low enough.

Q: Are you going to be voicing anyone in the next season of original Dragonball?
A: I do little Chi-Chi on Dragonball. She's so cute.

Q: If you were stranded on a deserted island and could only bring one book, cd, and person, what would they be?
A: Book - The Inammorati by Midori Snyder. Cd - one that I've burned myself with all my favorite songs. Person - I'd bring Chris Sabat because he's so cool!! I 'm lying. I wouldn't bring Chris, I'd bring his brother.

Q: Will Blue Gender ever reach Canada? (personally I would like to see the series)
A: You can buy the DVD. It's on sale NOW!!! (hint-hint)

Q: Who is the main character of Blue Gender going to be, and when does it come out?
A: Me and Eric Johnson are the leads, andd it's already out.

Q: Do you have a crush on any of the male voice actors?
A: Yeah - that Eric guy.

Q: Do you have any hobbies?
A: I like to paint and draw and read and dance and sing and write - anything creative.

Q: Do you like any sports? If so, who are your favorite teams?
A: I love hockey!! Go Stars!

Q: Do you think this you'll stick with voice acting for your career?
A: I'll do it in addition to other acting. But not on its own.

Q: What kind of songs do you like?
A: I like 80's mostly.

Q: Do you guys do the voices in a big room, or separately in individual rooms?
A: In different rooms at different times. I wish we could do them together, though.

Q: What's your favorite part when Goten and Trunks get into trouble?
A: My favorite scene is when they both stop to go to the bathroom and run into that huge dinosaur.

Q: Who is your favorite DBZ villain?
A: Android 18 - Meredith made me say that.

Q: Have you met Chris Sabat? If yes, what is he really like?
A: Who's Chris Sabat?

Q: Who were your biggest influences?
A: Umm- tough question. Let's see - cheesy answer - but my first few drama instuctors

Q: There is a lot of nudity in Blue Gender, any chance we will get to see Marlene?
A: She's naked in the ending credits.

Q: Have you done or are going to do any live action work?
A: Have done - I was in Walker Texas Ranger. hehe. And a bunch of independent movies

Q: Hey Laura, if you had a chance to do a tour of going to conventions for a month and you had one choose another VA to go with you, who would it be and why?
A: It'd probably be Meredith because she's my best friend and we haven't had a chance to go to any conventions together yet.

Q: Do you ever use the wrong voice for the wrong character?
A: No - but I have used the right voice for the wrong character.

Q: What is the single most idiotic question you've ever been asked?
A: Umm - so - are you dating anyone?

Q: Do you really have to pretend like you're fighting during a fighting scene?
A: Yes - it's really funny actually. I have to be careful though, not to run into the microphone.

Q: Who is your favorite person to work with on the show?
A: Chris Sabat. He's really the only person I work with while recording

Q: Would you say Meredith McCoy is nice?
A: NO - she's horrible!

Q: How many hours a week do you spend on voice acting?
A: Anywhere from 4 to 8.

Q: What's your favorite fast food chain, and don't tell me you've never eaten fast food.
A: Chick-Fil-A

Q: What are the pros/cons voice acting has over real acting?
A: Um - you can't use your facial expressions to get your point across. But you can pick your nose in the middle of a serious scene and no one knows the difference.

Q: Are you friends with Kara Edwards?
A: Not really - she lives far, far away. But she is really nice

Q: Was working at FUNimation your first experience with DBZ or did you know about it before?
A: I knew about it before auditioning.

Q: Is Trunks your favorite character? Or do you like other characters to?
A: Vegeta's my favorite. But I also like Trunks, 18, and Goten.

Q: What episode are you on for Blue Gender?
A: I think 6 or 7.

Q: What is Marlene in Blue Gender like?
A: She's a cold hearted - um - well she's really tough And no nonsense. She's awesome. I love playing her.

Q: Which Walker Texas Ranger episode were you in, and what was your part?
A: I think it was called "Saturday Night". I played Frank Stalone's daughter - he's Sylvester Stalone's brother.

Q: In voice acting, do you have to memorize lines or can you read and act out the lines?
A: I don't really have enough time to memorize them. So usually I'm reading and acting all at once.

Q: Where you disappointed when you were cast as a boy character instead of a girl character?
A: No, I was actually really excited about it!

Q: What is something specific that you have acted on?
A: I did a colortyme commercial once. It's really funny - Meredith and I were the two girls cast in the commercial to play best friends. She threw a brick through my window. in the commercial (not in real life). I'm not sure if the commercial's aired yet.

Q: Do you like cereal?
A: Yes - Lucky Charms

Q: Are you a vegetarian?
A: Only when I eat cereal.

Q: Do you have any good bloopers from when you were recording for Young Trunks?
A: Yes - but unfortunately, none will ever be heard.

Q: This might sound dumb, but who is Chris Sabat?
A: He's the voice of Vegeta and Piccolo and one of our voice directors.

Q: Do you like Sailormoon?
A: Yes

Q: Will you be coming to any conventions in New York?
A: I just did. Actually, I only got home from the Big Apple Anime Fest last week

Q: Do you ever feel like laughing at the wrong times during recording, and if so, has it ever happened?
A: Yes and yes. Very often.

Q: Did you know Meredith before you started working with her?
A: Yeah, we went to school together.

Q: Where were you born?
A: The lovely state of Mississippi

Q: What subject in school did you hate the most?
A: Math - yuck

Q: How long does it usually take for you to finish one episode?
A: Um - depends on how much I'm in it. I finished the episode I recorded today in about 30 minutes.

Q: Do you relate to Marlene from Blue Gender in any way?
A: Yeah. She's tough - I'm tough. She fights giant bugs - I fight giant bugs. We're one in the same.

Q: Is it hard on your voice?
A: It was at first, but now I drink tons of water and I'm usually fine. It's still kind-of hard when I do the fight sequences.

Q: Do you guys talk about Chris Sabat because he makes you?
A: Yes

Q: Who is Meredith?
A: Just some chick that hangs around here all the time. No one really knows why.

Q: What is it like being a celebrity, like the Britney Spears of DragonballZ?
A: Hehe - oh, is that a compliment or an insult?

Q: (Tim asked this question) What is it like playing a serious, no nonsense character like Marlene compared to playing a comical, yet tough, Trunks?
A: It's a huge change. I keep having to make myself get serious in the booth when I'm doing Blue Gender. The comical stuff's more in my nature.

Q: Do you own any DBZ merchandise?
A: I have my action figure and some trading cards - and tons of tapes.

Q: Do you like to dance?
A: Yes!

Q: Who do you like more: Goku, or Vegeta?
A: Vegeta! Come on! I mean, he's my dad.

Q: Are you male or female?
A: What!!!? My name is LAURA. I am a girl

Q: Do you pick on Kyle Hebert? If so, does anybody else too?
A: No - he's a lot bigger than I am. It probably wouldn't be too safe.

Well, okay. Thanks for joining me today. I hope you had as much fun as I did. And once again...sorry about the slow start.

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