Dragonball Daizenshuu 7 - Dragonball

Color = Black and White/312 Pages:
This book contains EVERYTHING that is Dragonball. Complete Character Guide, Attack List and Time-Line. It also contains a complete Location and Item List. Within its massive binding also lies special times used in Dragonball, (for example, Oolong can only hold a transformation for 5 minutes), a timeline which shows the progress of DB in fields of Tankoubon, Anime, Movies and Games, Merchandise, and even how it appeared in daily Japanese life. In irony, there's a part which shows Dragonball's popularity in the World. At the time of this book's publication, Dragonball had JUST begun airing in syndication in the US, (1995). The caption covering America shows Goku with underwear drawn over his butt, it discusses the edits that are made to it, (it just mentions the fact that its edited, not like it goes in-depth or anything), and even makes mention of, "the company in Houston", which purchased the rights to the show. You know it better as FUNimation. Anyway, that about skims the surface of what's in this book, unfortunately, it's also the most difficult to get through.

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