Dragonball, Z, GT Charms & Spells

The following are “Power ups” or “Transformations” induced by a 3rd party, all of which are not limited to any specific race of people.

Super Water of the Gods (Dub: Ultra Divine Water)
This water resides in a small teapot at the top of Karin’s tower. Ancient lore states it is capable of bringing out a fighters hidden potential, however, it is also very poisonous, and one must endure great pain for a long time before it has any effect, and none have ever survived. Desperate to defeat Piccolo Daimao, Goku swallows the water and suffers for 6 hours, but as a result, becomes many times stronger!
The Great Elders “Sleeping Power” Release (Dub: Guru's Power Up)
Using his strange and unique powers, the Great Elder has the ability to lift mental blocks within people and show them their hidden potential, thus unlocking it. He does this to Kuririn, Gohan, and Dende. The first 2 mentioned become about ten times stronger, and Dende becomes a faster flyer, and seems to gain healing abilities.

The Mark of Bobbidi
When the Warlock Bobbidi possesses warriors in order to make them his slaves, he brings out their “latent power” and thus increasing their power varying degrees. Many fighters are seen under this spell, but only one is shown before-and-after, which is Vegeta. Compared to the previous “Hidden Potential” spells seen in the story, the effect seems to be much smaller, but is enough to bridge the gap between Goku and Vegeta. The lack of exponential increase is probably due to the fact Vegeta was able to use power of his latent power in the first place.
Rou Kaioshin's Unlock Ability (Dub: Old Kai's Unlock Ability)
The previous 3 spells on this page all pretty much have the same effect, but this one stands out as unique. There are two steps to this spell – first, the latent power/sleeping power/hidden potential of a fighter is released. Next, which seems to be why the process takes over 20 hours, Rou Kaioshin takes the fighters power beyond that – far beyond that. At the end of the patience testing ritual, Gohan now has power many times greater than Super Saiyan Level 3 Goku, and can use it in his normal state. A side effect of the ritual is that he seems to have no need for Super Saiyan anymore, as it would not make him any stronger.
Synopsis by: Duo
Images by: Sharky
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