Dragonball Z Stated Power Levels

Specific power levels were only stated a few times in the Dragonball Z manga before Akira Toriyama decided it was too difficult to track them and keep them all making sense. Here is a list that shows when a power level is stated, along with the manga volume number, a relevant quote, and a supporting image (click on the image to see a full-size version in the gallery).

The previous power levels pages are still available:
Dragonball Z #1 | Dragonball Z #2 | Dragonball GT

Name Power Level Volume Condition Quote Image
Farmer 5 1 Power level....only 5. What a planet!
Piccolo 322 1 Weighted Hmph. Power 322. More than I expected Here.
Goku & Piccolo 334 & 322 1 Weighted Powers 322 and 334! One has Kakarrot's power...exactly.
Gohan 710 1 In spacepod Power 710!! And close! Where?! What?! That...infant?
Piccolo 408 1 Unweighted What!? His power...jumping to 408...!
Goku 416 1 Unweighted And Kakarrot...up to 416...!
Goku 924+ 1 Preparing the Kamehameha It can't be!! His power...up to 924!! And increasing!!
Piccolo 1330 1 Using the Makankosappo Power...1330..!! And all focused in his finger-tips?!!
Gohan 1307 1 Enraged Power...Level...1307...?!
Gohan 1 1 Post-enraged Your power level...it's dropped to 1!
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