Dragonball Manga Summary - Volume 29

New Characters:

#17 -- The young male android created by Dr. Gero. In Trunk's future, #17 and 18 both terrorize Earth, and destroy everyone before travelling to the past to kill Vejita and the rest of the heroes. Wears a Red Ribbon jersey, torn jeans, and a yellow scarf. Has earrings and shoulder-length black hair. VERY strong. Is consumed by Cell in a later volume.

#18 -- Female android companion to #17. Is also consumed by Cell, but later gets spit back out, and turned more normal. Settles down with Kuririn and has his baby.

Super Saiya-jin Vejita -- After training in Capsule Corp's 300 g gravity room, Vejita has achieved his dream. Now has blond hair when in Super mode. Still has the same bad attitude, and the need to be the strongest person in the universe.

Story: Volume 29:
This volume's summary is unavailable

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