Dragonball, Z Manga Guide

Dragonball originally appeared in Shonen Jump magazine every week from Akira Toriyama. It was then compiled into 42 Tankôbon Volumes. There was originally no Dragonball Z; it was all Dragonball until Toei Animation animated it and decided to add a cool-sounding letter to the Dragonball title when the story shifted to a new era. For now I will only list the Tankôbon Summaries. I will not scan in any manga because that would violate many copyrights and would take me forever to do. The summaries on this site were made by Curtis H. Hoffmann in 1993-1995 & donated to us by Dragonball-Info. Alternate spellings are used because they are considered to be more correct than FUNimation's spellings. So i'm just giving you a heads up to why they look different from how I usually spell the names. Click on the image for the summary.

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