Dragonball Z Movie 04 - Lord Slug

Misc Information:
American Title: Lord Slug
American Release Date: Augest 7th, 2001
American Box Art: To the Left
Japanese Title: Super Saiyan Goku
Japanese Release Date: March 19th, 1991
Japanese Relase Location: TOEI Anime Festival
Japanese Intro Music: Chala Head Chala
Jap. Ending Theme: There's a Spririt Bomb in Bad Things
Japanese Music By: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Running Time: 45 Minutes
Age Rating: Older Children
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Overall Rating: 4/10
Story Line - To regain his youth, an ancient Namek by the name of Lord Slug comes to Earth to gather the seven Dragon Balls. In addition, Slug attempts to take over the Earth, which has turned into a frozen wasteland upon Slugs arrival. Goku is no match for this ancient namek but will a new transformation unleash to help him win?

Although it is hard to place, I feel that this flick fell in the same time period (referring to character strengths) as the Ginyu Saga. This is because Gohan and Krillin are pretty strong and Piccolo is also quite strong, obviously in league with higher class Freeza forces. Goku showed an edge over all other fighters, and only used normal Kaioken, reflecting the same use thereof in the Ginyu saga, where he used Kaioken to show his “True Power.”

The Movie starts off with a huge Comet heading for Earth, seemingly about to destroy it. The world is in panic and only 2 men can save them! Goku and…Krillin? They confront the Meteor as it enters the atmosphere and fire a huge Kamehameha Wave into it having little or no effect. The Meteor, for some reason, is actually deterred and skims out of the atmosphere, but screws up the little blue sphere pretty good. When all is said and done, Gohan, Chi Chi, and Bulma find a small spaceship in a nearby, unnamed city. Several space fighters come out, declaring that the planet is now under the rule of ‘Lord Slug’. At this point, Gohan attacks these new fighters for a while but finds himself retreating after Lord Slug himself enters the scene and takes Gohans Dragonball. The story turns to Lord Slug using a device to “Terra Freeze” the planet so it’s inhabitable for his servants, whom are adapted only to the cold and die in the Earth’s heat. Slug also has his high-ranking henchmen gather the Earth’s Dragon balls. This is because Slug is very old and dying, and wishes to return back to youth. He gathers the balls after very little time and summons the Dragon, regaining his youth and great power.

This is when the battling starts. Gohan leaves his house in Piccolo’s custom battle outfit and leaves to confront the Aliens once again. Much like before, he makes short work of the low level foot soldiers, and Piccolo even joins in on the fight. 3 fighters come out to confront Gohan and Piccolo. A large, orange warrior by the name of Doradabo (Romanji spelling) does combat with Piccolo and is defeated by having his head blasted off after some time of Piccolo toying with him, including breaking his arm before killing him. A very pathetic battle. Gohan, on the other hand, fights Metamoncha who starts the battle by pummeling Gohan with Chi blasts and then follows up by spawning Four mini’s of himself, which absorb Gohan’s Chi. Piccolo tries to beat him and the last fighter, Angira but ends up being caught up in heavy fire when protecting Gohan, leaving both battered and beaten.

Goku shows up and saves the 2 and quickly disposes of Slugs fighters. Lord Slug himself comes to fight Goku, but Krillin takes a shot at Slug first, and is defeated in one punch. What ensues is among the greatest one vs. one butt kickings of DBZ Movie history. Slug just beats the crap out of Goku for nearly 10 minutes, never letting Goku get a solid his in. Finally, Goku stands battered, bleeding, bruised, and seemingly drained of Chi. Slug goes for the final punch but meets Goku’s palm, stopping Slug dead in his tracks. Goku looks up and flares a bright, Golden Aura about himself, seemingly a Super Saiyan. He beats up Slug even worse than Slug beat him until Slug finds himself with a broken arm. Shockingly, Slug rips the arm off and regenerates it. He then removes his helmet to reveal that he is a Namek. After which, he uses Piccolo’s old trick and increase his size to that of a skyscraper. For a while, he plays around with Goku until he is in the grasp of defeat. In the last moments, Piccolo distracts Slug and tells Gohan to whistle. Apparently, whistling frequencies harm Namekian ears and because Slug is so huge, he is affected even more so. Slug is forced to the ground and Piccolo reaches out to Goku, giving him the last of his Chi. Slug blasts at Gohan, knocking him away and ending the whistling. Slug gets up to hear the voice of Goku “Kaioken!” and Goku charges through Slug, goring him through the stomach. After this, Goku rises above the clouds and absorbs energy from the sun, creating a Spirit Bomb. Slug charges at Goku just in time to get hit in the face and knocked into the Terra Freeze machine, destroying it and bringing Earth back to warmth.

The movie ends with a normal cheesy scene involving Senzu Beans and laughter.

All and all the fighting in this movie isn’t half bad, and the false Super Saiyan is actually pretty cool. The story is mediocre and totally rips off King Piccolo to no end, not to mention the victory is unoriginal and very unsatisfying. This movie is only worth buying if you get it in a box set with Coolers Revenge and Return of Cooler.

Final Note: The music rocks in the dub.

Score: 4/10


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