Dragonball Z Movie 05 - Cooler's Revenge

Misc Information:
American Title: Cooler's Revenge
American Release Date: January 22, 2002
American Box Art: To the Left
Japanese Title: The Best of Strongest versus Strongest
Japanese Release Date: July 20th, 1991
Japanese Intro Music: Chala Head Chala
Japanese Ending Theme: Strongest vs. Strongest
Japanese Music By: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Running Time: 60 Minutes
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Overall Rating: 9/10

Story Line - When Cooler hears of his brother Frieza's death he seeks revenge on Goku and all of planet Earth for it. The Z-Warriors prove to weak to defeat this new villian, and it once again relies on Goku to save the day. Unknown to Goku, Cooler's been holding back.

This is a confusing one. The story can't take place during the Freeza Saga because Goku is back on Earth and Freeza is dead, however, it can't be during or after the Trunks Saga because Gohan still has short hair (he didn't during the Trunks Saga) and Goku doesn't know instant transmission. In my conclusion, their powers must be based on that of the Freeza Saga because it suits that more so than the Trunks Saga.

"Freeza! I'm coming for you, you self serving murderous traitor!" shouts Bardock, father of Goku, in the opening black screen. This is followed by showing the entire flashback of the destruction of Planet Vegeta, including all of Bardocks actions, in particular. Afterwards, it goes to the insides of another, nearby spaceship. 3 Unknown warriors discuss whether or not to intercept an escaping Saiyan Pod with a baby inside, known as Kakarot. The apparent leader of the 3 decides on doing so but is overruled by another figure that they quickly bow to. He says Freeza should clean up his own mess, and has got a lot to learn."Brother".

Next we go to Kame house and Goku. Goku is training while Master Roshi watches, astounding the old man with every move. In between this scene and the next we go to a mysterious Planet in which the man who referred to Freeza as "Brother" is sitting atop a throne, and one of his men tells him that Freeza has been killed by a Saiyan from Earth, and they immediately leave. That scene is cut short with Gohan studying, but finding Ikiris bugging him from outside his window. He tells him to go away but Chi Chi walks in to offer Gohan some Tea. She yells at the Dragon and finds herself surprised when Goku shouts in agreement, telling the Dragon to let Gohan finish his Homework. Chi Chi becomes very concerned about this and thinks Goku has brain damage. She tries to tackle him but falls past and into the dinner table. Goku tells Gohan to finish his homework later so they can get going already. Soon enough Gohan, Goku, Krillin, and Oolong are making stew over a camp fire. Goku leaves to find some fish, and catches one about 13 feet tall, considering it small and just right for making Sushi.

Gohan chops some firewood in an impressive manner and starts to bring some but stops, noticing movement in the shadows.suddenly, him and Krillin are assaulted by the warriors seen on the mysterious planet just earlier. Goku shows up and does battle with the Warriors, breaking fairly even without using any level of Kaioken. They stop and Goku sees a figure approaching in the water. He looks back and thinks its Freeza, but before he can say anything, Gohan yells that he'll help out while hovering in the sky. Cooler, brother of Freeza, shoots a death beam from his eyes which Goku barely manages to stop by taking it in the back, heavily injuring himself. He falls into the water and down a waterfall, but not before launching a counter blast at Cooler. Cooler deflects it and flies over the Waterfall, blasting at where he thinks Goku might be. He knows Goku has escaped and tells his men to find him.

Gohan helps his father into a Cave to rest as Coolers Armored Squadron bombard the area with Chi Blasts. Eventually one hits the top of the cave and closes them in. Some time later, Kuririn and Oolong help them out. Gohan leaves for Korin's tower upon Ikiris's back for get some Senzu Beans. Upon arriving, Gohan starts halfway up the Tower and quickly climbs up the rest of the way. When he asks Korin for Senzu's, Korin asks Gohan what exactly he gets out of it. Gohan starts to leave to get a "gift" but Yajirobe tosses Gohan a bag of Senzu's. Korin yells for a moment but tries to eat another Senzu, but Yajirobe takes it and gives it to Gohan as well. Gohan sticks the extra in his belt and leaves, landing on top of Ikiris.

As they reach the Area where Goku is resting, Gohan gives Ikiris a Senzu Bean because the Dragon is exhausted. Ikiris pumps up and takes off incredibly fast, but appears on Scouters. Soon enough, Gohan looks up to see Coolers Armored Squadron watching him from above. Salza, the head of the 3, shoots Gohan off of Ikiris and Doore grabs Gohan, starting to crush Gohan's Skull in order to get the Senzu Beans. Suddenly Doore is struck in the back by a Beam. The Camera pans back to show Piccolo hovering behind Doore. Doore rushes for Piccolo only to punch through his cape. Piccolo reappears above Doore and elbows him in the top of the head, denting his helmet in and plummeting him into the ground. Naize and Salza attack Piccolo together as Gohan flies to get to Goku. Doore gets up and tries to catch Gohan. Piccolo fires a beam which Naize dodges, suddenly realizing he was aiming for Doore. Doore attempts to stop the blast but is quickly incinerated, showing Piccolo has a big power advantage. Naize gets angry and charges purple Chi around his hands and fires it at Piccolo, seemingly trapping him within, continuing to fry his body. Salza flies to stop Gohan, thinking Naize has won. Naize approaches Piccolo boasting victory, but suddenly Piccolo grins, grabs Naize, transfers the Purple Chi, and fries Naize into a crisp instantly, killing him. Piccolo fires 2 beams at Salza which he deflects, suddenly finding a physical assault from Piccolo. The battle quickly shows Salza to be much weaker, so he retreats into some woods, trying to use a energy blade attack to cut Piccolo, but it does not work. As they battle above the woods, Cooler interrupts the battle and blasts Piccolo through the chest with a Death Beam, crippling the Namek.

Gohan arrives at the cave Goku is laying in with Krillin by his side. As he hands the Senzu bag to Krillin a beam shoots through it, burning all the beans to a crisp. Salza laughs, commenting how close they were. Krillin gets angry and attacks Salza, they fight in the air for a short while, Salza easily winning. In this time, Gohan remembers the extra Senzu bean in his belt and gives it to Goku. Just as Krillin is KO'd, Gohan gets mad and also attacks Salza, but is knocked aside and crippled in a couple hits. As Salza laughs, he starts for the cave but is stopped when he realizes a huge Chi is rising inside. His Scouter explodes and he looks up again to see Goku standing in front of him.

Before Salza and Goku get far in conversation, Cooler stops them, hovering above and holding an unconscious Piccolo. Goku tells him to put Piccolo down, calling him Freeza. Salza laughs and tells him its Freeza's brother, Cooler. Coolers drops Piccolo a few feet and blasts him, launching his body a few hundred yards away, thought to be dead, though he really isn't. Goku gets mad and powers up, the aura alone launches Salza into a Cliffside, knocking him out. Goku appears to have powered up to Kaioken x10, much like he did against Freeza, because neither time does he exhibit a red Aura. After a little more Banter, Goku attacks Cooler. They battle in the air, Goku showing a enthusiastic advantage. Soon they go underwater and fight, Cooler seems to take more of an advantage here but it isn't long before they rise from the water again. Cooler stands in front of a Waterfall and laughs, stating he has one more transformation than his brother. Goku is shocked as Cooler doubles his height, increases his muscle mass, and changes his head shape from one similar to Freeza's to more along the lines of Shredder (From Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles). With that, Cooler attacks Goku and knocks him around with a rag doll, moving so fast that Goku can't even trace his movements. Goku powers up to Kaioken x20 and keeps fighting but loses just as bad, and after a while he is so badly beaten he collapses to the ground as Cooler laughs, shaking the area by powering up. Goku starts thinking about Piccolo, Gohan and Krillin, and how its his fault they got caught in this.

A Small bird lands by Goku's hands and dies before him. Goku picks up the bird in his hands, stands up, and lets out a roaring scream for a moment. His hand reaches to the sky, glows for a moment, and bird is revived, and flies into the distance. The camera pans onto Goku's face, showing he has once again become a Super Saiyan. Cooler raises his hand to attack Goku but finds his hand restrained by Goku, who instantly appeared behind Cooler. Cooler manages to free his hand after a short struggle and punches Goku in the stomach. Goku does not budge at all. Cooler floats back in fear, saying some agonizing comments at Goku. Goku powers up, knocking Cooler back. He flies forth and punches Cooler in the face and finishes off with a Knee to the gut. Cooler holds his stomach for a moment then begins to chuckle. He launches a huge Chi wave at Goku, unphashing him. When the smoke clears, Goku looks up to see a huge Death Ball formed at Coolers fingertip. He laughs and says he can gather Chi much faster than his brother, and throws the ball at Goku. Goku tries to catch the huge thing but is pushed into the land. He struggles for about a minute, and seems to have lost as the ball sinks into the Earth, but suddenly it is pushed back and Goku fires a Kamehameha into the ball, pushing it onto Cooler and pushing Cooler into the sun. In his last breathe of life, Cooler realizes that Goku was the baby in the space pod that he had let go when Freeza blew up the Saiyan home world, and then Cooler is engulfed the Suns flames and is incinerated.

The next scene shows Krillin and Gohan helping Goku up. As they joke around and have the normal post-battle touching moment, Salza rises from some rubble and laughs at the warriors, saying he is going to kill them. A Special Beam Cannon comes from an unknown distance and impales Salza's pelvis, killing him. Gohan yells for Mister Piccolo. Some distance away, the Namek sips some water and looks up at the sun, the credits role.

The Story, the Music, the Animation, the Fighting, all are top notch. If not for a minor plot discrepancy, this movie would be perfect.

Score: 9/10


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