Dragonball Z Movie 06 - The Return of Cooler

Misc Information:
American Title: The Return of Cooler
American Release Date: August 13th, 2002
American Box Art: To the Left
Japanese Title: Clash!! 10 Billion Power Warriors
Japanese Release Date: March 7th, 1992
Japanese Intro Music: Chala Head Chala
Japanese Ending Theme: Hero
Japanese Music By: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Running Time: 60 Minutes
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Overall Rating: 6/10
Story Line - When New Namek begins to be attacked by a robot looking star, Dende calls once again for Goku and the Z-Fighter's help. When they arrive, it appears Cooler has survived, and is now attacking the new version of the planet his brother was defeated on. Goku and Vegeta have trouble fighting this new stronger Meta Cooler, but how well will they stand against a thousand of them?

This is right before the Android Saga, easily enough. The Plot holes to this are Dende being Earth's Guardian already and Piccolo seeming to be fused with Kami, according to the Dub.

We start off with a Scene showing the Planet of New Namek. It sits for a moment before a huge, moon-sized, figure floats up and grows around the planet, seemingly eating it. Next we see Dende, asking Goku to save the Nameks.

We see opening sequence to the Movie.

Goku, Gohan, Oolong, Krillin, Yajirobe, and Master Roshi are all in a Capsule Corp. Spaceship enjoying some fine dining (Rice Cakes) chatting about. Piccolo is in the next room, meditating. The cast are in shock when they see Planet Namek how it is, commenting that the "Little one is eating the big one!".

The Nameks are being marched by tall robots in handcuffs. One Namek struggles and breaks free, attempting to attack one of the Robots. He is knocked back and the Robot fires a blast to finish off the Namek. Gohan swoops in and knocks the blast away. All of the Fighters show up and confront the Robot army. After some time, a mysterious and strange metallic figure marches forth.its Cooler! Now he has been reborn as Meta Cooler, which is explained later. Goku and Cooler go off to fight somewhere while Piccolo, Gohan, and Krillin do battle with Cooler's "Phsyclopian Guards". At first, they are incapable of harming the big robots because they have such thick armor, but Piccolo quickly figures out that focusing all of their energy into a single punch would be able to take out the machines (Creative?). With that, they do lots of "focused" dive style attacks and make short work of the Robots, but eventually Gohan and Krillin are overcome and taken away to the source of Cooler's Power, the Big Gete Star. Master Roshi, Oolong, and Yajirobe are taken as well.

We go to Goku and Cooler, who are doing battle. In the Japanese Version, Cooler comments that Goku's strength has significantly increased. As they fight, Cooler demonstrates a significant advantage over Goku, even at Kaioken x20. Eventually, Cooler attempts to hit Goku with the same type of attack he tried to destroy Earth with in "Coolers Revenge". After the smoke clears, Goku is shown behind Cooler, having used Instant Transmission. Cooler comments that it is also one of his favorite techniques and uses it to punch Goku unexpectedly. After this, they have a really cool battle in "Instant Transmission" world, which is like a counter dimension to the normal world. After a while, Cooler knocks Goku into the normal world and throws him into the air. He dashes after him to Knee him in the gut but Goku catches Coolers knee with both hands. He struggles and grunts for a moment and then transforms into a Super Saiyan. Cooler backs off and observes the Saiyan for a moment, commenting that he wanted to finish the Saiyan like this anyway.

We go back to Piccolo who had just been subject to a huge barrage of cannon blasts from Coolers Guards, which had been his distraction from saving Krillin and Gohan. He screams, "Are you Finished?!", powers up, and destroys the entire area with a wide spread body blast, bring all the robots down with it. Afterwards, he flies towards the Big Gete star.

Super Saiyan Goku charges Cooler, and they fist fight for a moment, Goku is knocked back but recovers and goes into an all out charge for Cooler, dashing through him and ripping his entire arm and some of his torso right off. After a Moment, Cooler regenerates the damage and states that he has become stronger because of the Big Gete star correcting the error that allowed the damage. After that, they fight again and Cooler absolutely dominates Goku. After a beating, he gets Goku into a stranglehold and begins to squeeze the life from his body, but at the last moment Vegeta comes from behind and kicks Cooler in the neck, propelling his body a few feet. Goku falls to the ground and looks up. Vegeta stands for a moment then transforms into a Super Saiyan and attacks Cooler. Cooler quickly makes dirt out of the Super Saiyan like Goku but then Goku cuts in and saves Vegeta. The Fight goes on a bit with the Super Saiyans losing.badly. Eventually, they decide to attack Cooler together. They charge him in sync and manage to blow most of his body apart, then they turn around and blast him until there is nothing left. Both Saiyans fall to the ground and revert from Super Saiyan. They lay for a moment and chit chat but then look up at a cliff a few hundred yards in front of them and see thousands of Meta Coolers lining it. Coolers 2 nd from voice from Movie 5 can be heard talking, saying that the Big Gete star can correct any flaw, even if it's the fact that he has one body. The Coolers slide down the cliff and begin to charge the Saiyans. As they approach, the Saiyans stand and powerup to Super Saiyan together, crossing energies and creating a huge explosion.

We immediately go to a Scene of the Super Saiyans hooked up to a bunch of suspending wires in the Big Gete Star. A weird head can be scene suspended in front of them hooked up to some machinery, which appears to be the last remnant of Cooler. The Tyrant explains how after he was launched into the sun, the little matter that was left was assimilated by a sentient computer chip that was taking in matter to propegate itself into existence. Cooler explains that he came to Namek to extract resources and energy, and then comments that he plans to "Extract" his revenge. The wires hooked up to the Super Saiyans start draining their energy rapidly and painfully. The entire Big Gete Star can be scene increasing its operations speed. In the Japanese Version, Cooler comments that now he can create an army of Metal Super Saiyans. The Wires stop absorbing Energy and the Saiyans Slump over, looking to be totally drained. Cooler comments that it was just right, and that any more energy would have been dangerous. Suddenly, a wire flickers and a wall explodes. Goku and Vegeta start to give more energy and the Big Gete star starts to overload. The Wires detach but the Super Saiyans grab hold and keep giving energy. Eventually, the entire Star starts to overload and everything starts shutting down, with random things exploding.

Gohan, Piccolo, and the others are running to leave the Star and see Goku and Vegeta getting launched from the dark room where Cooler resides. They land on the other side of a bridge from the others and Gohan shouts for his father. Suddenly, the Chasm below the bridge explodes with Fire and Piccolo grabs the others to leave. Goku stands up and taunts Cooler who is behind him. Cooler laughs and a ton of wires form around him to form a strange, makeshift body. Goku powers to Super Saiyan and creates a small Golden Energy Ball. As he tries to throw it, Cooler slams his bulky wire fist into Goku and knocks him down, grabbing him with a bunch of wires and begins to constrict his body, ripping his skin open in various places. Just as hope seems lost, Vegeta throws a Keinzan (Energy Disk) through Coolers arm and frees Goku. Goku throws the Energy ball into Coolers "Chest" and Cooler explodes into a million directions, along with the entire Big Gete Star.

We go to Gohan and Piccolo on the surface, watching the Big Gete Star explode in space. They watch and Gohan lets out a happy cry, seeing Goku and Vegeta falling to the surface. He holds his hands up just as they fall past him and crash into the ground, creating a huge crater and a very awkward scene. Yajirobe gives them beans and Goku stands with his friends, thanking the departed Vegeta.

The last scene is Vegeta in his little space pod, crushing the original computer chip that assimilated Cooler.

Not nearly as good as Movie 5. The story is rather cheesy, unrealistic, and the way that they destroyed the Guards was.dumb. Of course, the fighting was very entertaining and provided some unique idea's not thought up by Akira Toriyama. Kudos to the Animators as well. The Music, though synthesized, is quite fitting and entertaining to the ears.

Score: 6/10


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