Dragonball Z Movie 07 - Super Android 13

Misc Information:
American Title: Super Android 13!
American Release Date: February 4th, 2003
American Box Art: To the Left
Japanese Title: Utmost Limits of Battle!! The 3 Super Saiyans
Japanese Release Date: July 11th, 1992
Japanese Intro Music: Chala Head Chala
Japanese Ending Theme: At the Brink: The Earth's Limit
Japanese Music By: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Running Time: 45 Minutes
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Overall Rating: 9/10
Story Line - After Gero's death and the destruction of his androids 17 and 18, his computer sets out three new Androids; All stronger than the ones before, and all with a strong hatred for Goku, the three Super Saiyans seem to be to much for these new Androids, but could a new type of fusion turn this fight in the Androids favor?

This would fit in between and Android Saga and Imperfect Cell Saga, in which there is the plot hole of the fact the Goku is healthy and Cell isn't.around. Its unconcluded as to whether or not Piccolo had fused with Kami in the movie.

The Beginning is a flashback to the Scene in Doctor Gero's Lab where Android Twenty opens the pods containing numbers Seventeen and Eighteen. Seventeen has punctured Twenties upper torso and kicks his head off, leaping over the crushing the head of Android Twenty. This portion doesn't show any other scenes or events from the Anime beyond this. Next, the blood of Twenty drips through a crack in the floor and into an underground laboratory with a gigantic computer with 3 Pods numbered '13', '14', & '15'.

Next we have the typical opening Dragonball Sequence.

What appears to be North City comes into view, slowly coming in to Trunks, Master Roshi, Krillin, and Oolong standing in line for some sort of event. Apparently, it's a beauty pageant with girls from all over the world. Ironically, the Dub version of this has Mater Roshi referencing girls from specific countries, yet the Dragonball Universe doesn't have any of the same continents or countries as us.go figure. Anyway, very little is accomplished in this scene other than comic relief. At the end, Trunks says, "I wish I could have gone with Goku.shopping couldn't possibly be this bad, could it?" So, immediately, we go to Goku and Gohan, who are holding a ton of Shopping boxes and bags. Chi Chi is shown fighting with several other women at a counter of some sort. Again, not much happens here except a couple chuckles.

2 Men walk into the City. A Large Native American with purple skin, a long, singly pony tail, and big brown gloves. And a short man who could be made to resemble a black man, who also has purple skin, wearing a large green hat and a long purple jacket, I guess his theme was 'Pimp'. As they walk along the streets, they create chaos just in their movements, as they walk across streets regardless of traffic and lightly shoot down police vehicles. They enter a building and take an elevator shaft up several floors.and meet the elevator on the way, blowing a hole in it to get through and out the door.

Goku, Gohan, and Chi Chi are at one table in a restaurant enjoying a large meal. Trunks and his group are at another table. More comedy scenes occur and then, through the glass floor, the 2 men from before appear. They charge up a huge green Ki blast and blow up the upper half of the building, or should I say, most of the building. The present Z Fighters rescue all the people inside (how convenient) and set them down. The 2 men attack Goku and it isn't long before Goku figures out who they really are; Androids. Soon, Goku is on the run through the city, attempting to avoid these monsters when Trunks shows up to help. The Androids show that they are stronger than these Base level Saiyans but not much is done before Goku and Trunks lead them out of the city and to a desolate snowy region.

Once there, they battle again for a short time before yet another Android shows up. The first 2, he states, are Androids Fourteen and Fifteen. Fourteen is the tall, Native American and Fifteen is the short one. Goku is challenged by Thirteen and fights him, leaving Trunks to battle the other two. Goku fights pretty poorly against Thirteen, unable to keep up with the Androids speed and power. Trunks does suprisingly well against them, showing quite some skill and stamina. This goes on for a time until Goku finds himself cornered and about to be destroyed, but Vegeta intervenes and deters the great bomb of Thirteen. Vegeta claims he only came to ensure that those pieces of junkyard trash don't take away his right of killing Kakarot. With that, Vegeta and Fifteen lock horns in battle.

Now, we have 3 battles going at once-
-Thirteen vs. Goku
-Fourteen vs. Trunks
-Fifteen vs. Vegeta

The Androids all show an upper hand against their opponents for some time, until Trunks powers up a familiar golden aura and transforms into a Super Saiyan! Both Vegeta and Goku soon follow this example, powering up their heightened peaks of power. Thirteen and Goku begin exchanging a huge barrage of Ki blasts back and forth, illuminating the sky. Gohan fires a Masenko into Thirteen's back from a distance to try and help, as him and Krillin have been hiding in the background for some time. Thirteen throws a blast back at the Saiyan Child who is saved by Piccolo, which happens in pretty much every movie that contains both characters. Piccolo comes to Goku's aid and throws Thirteen down. Vegeta and Trunks, at about the same time, destroy Fourteen and Fifteen, leaving only piles of scrap.

Thirteen rises into the air again, but finds himself surrounded by 4 eager warriors. The Android knows he has few options, but a smirk comes across his face, the Z Fighters watch as Thirteen takes in the Main CPU chips of the other 2 Androids along with the Power Cells. Thirteen transforms into a huge, red haired, beast of an Android. Vegeta attacks Super 13 only to be driven into the ground, knocking the Saiyan Prince out cold. Trunks tries to save his father but finds a blast to the face before he can even touch Thirteen. Piccolo attacks Thirteen after this and is also tossed aside, and now Goku comes. Goku doesn't even flinch the Android and is beaten up for about 4 straight minutes, knocked through the ground, through a canyon, and finally out into the water.

Gohan and Krillin try to slow the Android down, and get it pretty easy in terms of beating. Krillin is knocked aside in one blow. Now, Goku rises from the water and begins gathering energy for the Spirit Bomb. Thirteen gets ready to fire upon Goku again but finds himself cut off by Vegeta, who attacks him again. Vegeta, soon enough, is about to have his spine snapped as Thirteen bends him backward of his knee. Trunks interrupts this with a blast to Thirteens back, who drops Vegeta. Trunks attacks Thirteen with his sword, which he breaks on the Androids arm. Once again, Thirteen KO's the Saiyan and gets ready to fire on Goku, but Piccolo dashes up from behind and lifts the huge Android up, bending him back so the blast misses. Thirteen elbows Piccolo and knocks him the ground, mashing his foot into his face. In the Japanese text, Piccolo shouts, "Goku! Show him the power of a Super Saiyan!" and after that, Goku transforms into a Super Saiyan, carrying a huge Spirit Bomb as he rises into the sky. Krillin makes a comment, in the Japanese version it is "No, Goku, you can't create a Genki Dama as a Super Saiyan, you can't have a malicious heart." but in the American version. well, he contradicts that, which is a question of Funimations ability to translate effectively.

Goku begins absorbing the Spirit Bomb into himself, taking in all the great Spirit Energy as he rises. Once this is done, he expands his Ki and totally covers the area in golden energy. The Snow, Ice, everything melts. Thirteen attempts to attack Goku but can't even touch him without his hand crumbling before him. Goku lets a scream out and punches straight through Thirteen, and the Android is soon incinerated by the heat.

The Screen goes black and what we see next is Gohan waking up on an ice cap, who looks up to see his father. We see a hospital where most everyone is being treated.a few funny comments are said, as usual, and the movie ends.

But, the movie ends with a bang. Vegeta and Piccolo are sitting back to back on a tiny ice cap, and the following conversation occurs.

Piccolo: "Is it over?"
Vegeta: "Not til' the fish jumps!"

A fish jumps up and flops against the water.

Vegeta: "Its over."


-This is a pretty good movie. Its full of action, comedy, and spirit. You can almost feel Goku's power when he finishes Thirteen off once and for all. This is among the best of the DBZ Movies.

Score: 9/10


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