Dragonball, Z, GT Transformations Frieza

Form 1
Frieza is in this form for quite a while. Although it's his first form, no one can seem to defeat him in it. When Vegeta eggs on Frieza to transform, he does.
Form 2
Frieza is a bulky and taller in this form. Vegeta is no match for Frieza now. Piccolo puts up quite a good fight, which makes Frieza want to transform to Form 3.
Form 3
Frieza transforms into this reptile-like form when Piccolo begins challenging him. He isn't in this form for very long. This is probably his strangest looking form.
Form 4
Frieza's final form. Some of the Z Warriors thought he looked wimpy in this form, but they were showed wrong. He can only be challenged by SSJ Goku at this point.
Form 4 Full Power
As Goku seems to have the upper hand, Frieza decides to go full power. His muscle mass greatly increases, as does his power level. Unfortunately for Frieza, SSJ Goku is still stronger.
Cyborg Frieza
After Frieza was killed by Goku, Frieza's remains are found in space by King Cold. Cold's scientists rebuild him, so they both decide to go down to Earth. Frieza is once again killed, but this time by SSJ Future Trunks.
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