Dragonball, Z, GT Transformations Rilldo

Form 1
In Rilldo's first form his strength isn't what you should watch out, it's his ability to turn anyone or anything into metal. However, when fighting Goku he is forced to transform because Goku is to fast to be hit with the attack. Rilldo also has a Rocket Punch attack like Android 16 which can be used for a long distance punch.
Form 2
Rilldo in this form is slightly less than the power of Kid SSJ Goku. In this transformation he absorbs several other robots that had been previously beaten by Goku. The drill and most of his other new found abilities prove fairly useless, and he is forced to transform yet again.
Form 3
In Rilldo's final form, he gains the ability to control ANYTHING that is metal. Now seeing how the entire planet they were on is made of metal, Goku is starting to look pretty out matched.

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