Dragonball, Z, GT Voice Actors

Here you find all different kinds of things on the Voice Actors from Dragonball, Z, and GT. We've devided this section up into different areas, which can be chosen from on the links below. Enjoy!

This section is new and still rather crappy, give it a few days and I should have it in a better and more acceptable condition.

Voice Cast - Here you can find a list of all the Voice Actors that participated in Dragonball, Z, and GT. The list may be missing some people, but problems will be updated when discovered.

Chat Logs - Originally from the official FUNi site and slightly modified, these chat logs are almost like a big interview with various Voice Actors, or staff involved with the production of DBZGT and other FUNimation Animes.

Official Sites - Find a link directory consisting of all your favorite Voice Actor sites. Links are always being updated and additions will frequently be made.

Interviews - Here you find interviews we've made with different Voice Actors from FUNimation. Mostly done through Email these interviews are mostly but not completely, regarding to their involvement with Dragonball, Z, or GT.

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