Dragonball, Z, GT Editorials

Submissions: Open - Welcome to the MFG Editorials! Here you will find many Dragonball, Z, GT related Editorials. If you want to submit your own, we suggest you first put it up in the forums, and we'll eventually get it in here, if it proves successful.

A Breakdown of Fantasy Fusions - By Duo
Okay, in many Places, especially Topics dealing with Dragonball AF, people go crazy and make up insane Fantasy fusions that are just downright stupid. Why? Read my editorial and find out!

Best of Buu - (Coming Soon)
Which of Buu's forms is the best you ask? Well, finally we have an answer.

Dragonball AF Won't Work - By Sharky, (Coming Soon)
Ever wondered if this rumor is real or if it could even work if it was real? The answer is easy; it can't work. I've put together a lot of different DBAF rumors and explanations of why they can't work.

History of Trunks & Trunks the Story - Chibi Chao Gohan
The differences, the facts, and filler.

The Legendary Super Saiyan - By Sharky
Who exactly is the "real" Legendary Super Saiyan? I hope my views on this subject can finally put that question to rest.

The Manga or the Dub? - By Dino
My thoughts on which one is better.

The Strongest Human - By Sharky
Yamcha, Krillin, Uub, and Tien, who the heck is the strongest? I've tried to state as much facts and as little of my opinions as possible, to make this an easy answer.

Unsung - The True Heroes of Dragonball Z - By Duo
The two DBZ Specials: "Bardock, Father of Goku" and "History of Trunks" are perhaps 2 of the most overlooked pieces of footage from the DBZ Universe.

Vegeta = Most overrated character in DB/Z - By Aoshi Shinomori
All over the internet, people praise Bejita for being such a great character, well guess what, hes not. If you think about it, every villian was created because of Vegeta.

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