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Here you can find many different sprite rips put together to make animations. If you would like to view these same images but in the Image Gallery, click here.

Android #16 throws a hand

18 kb

Android #18 flips her hair
Android #18 Power up
Android #18 blasts
Android #18 shoots
Android #20 beats down Gohan
Android #17 shoots
Android #19 powers up
Bardock shoots
Bardock gives a huge blast
Bardock powers up
Broly beats down vegeta
Broly powers up
Bubbles monkeying around
Cell transforms
Cell releases Cell Juniors
Cell beat down Vegeta
Cell walk
Imperfect Cell fires
Imperfect Cell flies
Perfect Cell powers up
Cell Junior powers up
Chi Chi talks about nothing
Dabura powers up
Dende talks about nothing
Dende makes the dragon appear
Shoots steam and fires a bomb
Fat Buu dances
Fat Buu is formed from the clouds
Fat Buu carries Mr. Satan around
Fat Buu shows us gynastics
Fat Buu jumps around on one foot
Fat Buu makes his steam move
Fat Buu powers up
Frieza spins and whacks his tail at you
Frieza at 100% shooting a laser
Frieza shows all his transformation stages
Recoome powers up
Captain Ginyu gives his poses
The whole Ginyu Force poses
Jeice gives a powerful and stylish blast
Gogeta Super Saiyan 4 powers up
Gogeta as a Super Saiyan 2 powers up
Gogeta gives his Kamehameha/Final Flash attack
Gohan fights with Goku
Gohan as an adult poses
Gohan SSJ2 gives some hard punches
Gohan SSJ2 receives help from his dad
Teen Gohan turns around
Great Saiyaman fires a strong blast
Gohan looks over Kame's tower
Electrified Gohan
Goku SSJ2 powers up
Goku does some choppy moves
Goku fights with Vegeta as Super Saiyans
Goku Super Saiyan 3 moves his knees
Goku teleports and goes SSJ2
Goku Super Saiyan gives a Kamehameha
Goku tosses Vegeta around
Goku gives a Kamehameha at his wife
Goku SSJ4 powers up
Goku SSJ3 knocks Frieza out
Goku goes Super Saiyan then SSJ2, then SSJ3
Goku Super Saiyan 4 Kamehameha
Goku's electrified
Goku does a Kamehameha
Goku fires a kamehameha and kills Cell
Goku SSJ3 fires a blast
Goku SSJ4 fires a really strong blast
Goku shoots a small fire ball
Goku shoes off his Spirit bomb
Goku attempts to shoot but shoots nothing
Goten powers up
Goten gives a powerful blast
Goten flips around
Gotenks defuse into Goten and Trunks
Gotenks laughs like crazy
Gotenks fires some ring blast
Gotenks uses his Kamekazi Ghost attack
Gotenks goes SSJ3
Supreme Kai powers up
King Kai shows a weird sign
Supreme Kai does some slashing move
Kid Buu rages and hits himself
Super Buu transforms into Kid Buu
Krillin going back and forth
Krillin doing some weird hand thing
Krillin gives a blast
Krillin gives another blast
Krillin flies and comes back
Krillin does a Solar flare!
Krillin does a Kamehameha wave
Krillin does fast Kamehamehas
Krillin going up
Piccolo does some slashing hand gestures
Power up and then special beam canon
Piccolo with a crazy aura
Piccolo blasts up
Piccolo turns into three Piccolos
Piccolo fights android 17
Piccolo continuously kicks Frieza
Piccolo powers up then blasts
Piccolo uses Namekian fusion
Piccolo takes off his cape
Piccolo tweaks his neck
Piccolo uses special beam canon
Piccolo stands there
Mr. Popo attempts to talk
Radditz attack, keep your eyes on the birdie
Radditz flying towards you
Roshi going sideways rocking
Green Saibamen spray some liquid
Satan punches Cell but nothing happens
Satan fights Cell but Cell tosses him away
Super Buu shoots a pink laser
Super Buu powers up
Tien fires a blast
Tien turns to four people and fights himself
Tien shows some boxing moves
Tien hits Goku and then blasts him
Tien uses his tri beam
Trunks goes Super Saiyan and slashes
Trunks kills Freiza
Trunks's sword releases energy waves
Trunks ultra slash
Trunks slash, slash, slash
Trunks goes Super Saiyan
Trunks powers up and goes Super Saiyan
Turles fires a blast
Uub gives a few punches then fires a blast
Vegeta SSJ4 Big Bang
Vegeta power up
Vegeta sends blasts at Goku
Vegeta all of a sudden goes crazy
Vegeta's hair moves
Saiyan Vegeta sends a blast
Vegeta sends multiple blasts down
Vegeta SSJ4 blast
Super Saiyan Vegeta sends small blasts
SSJ4 Vegeta sends a huge blast at Goku
Vegeta Final Flash
Vegeta flips back
SSJ4 Vegeta big bang
Vegito sends a blast down
Vegito sends a Kamehameha wave
Vegito shoots upwards
Vegito powers up
Earring fusion...Vegito!
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