Dragonball, Z, GT Transformations Baby

Form 1
We see Baby like this when he is in Dr. Myuu's lab. He gradually gets taller/bigger as he continues to take energy from people. Around the time he lands on Earth is when he changes to form 2.
Form 2
In this form he is much taller and much stronger than his previous state. He is now strong enough to take on the remaining Saiyans. After he takes over Vegeta he takes control of every single person on Earth (excluding Fat Buu, Uub & Hercule). I'm not counting the body's Baby inhabits "forms" since Baby himself stays the same, but when Baby does change after leaving a host body I will show the change.
Form 3
We only see Baby in this form (his final form) for a short moment. This is when Goku shoots of Vegeta's tail making Vegeta a whole lot weaker thus Baby leaves the beaten up Vegeta and tries to escape on a space ship. Goku watches calmly & shoots a nice Kamehameha at the ship blasting him into the sun.
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