Game Boy Advance System Review


by Dingo (

Overall rating: 10 / 10

Sound 9 / 10

The sound is way better than the game boy it projects way better and it sounds better too.

Graphics 9 / 10

Graphics are way better than the previous game boy way way way better
Its way more colorful and it has more feeling in it backgrounds are great
And it just is fun to watch too

Handling 9 / 10

The A and B buttons are good the start and select buttons are under the D-pad this time and the on/off switch is on the bottom and the volume switch is also on the bottom and the game boy advanced it self is Long not High.

This system is great! It comes in three colors Arctic, indigo or glacier. It has great graphics and it can even play the old game boy games! Once you get a game boy advance game the intro is better than before you know the game boy words are more colorful and better than before. The link cable is better than before it has 4 units so you can play with 4 people not 2! You can also play the game shark on the game boy advance too.

I haven't played a lot of game boy advanced games yet but there going to come out with these… Super Mario Advance 2 (sequel to super Mario world) Mario Kart Advance (a advance to Mario kart 64) Banjo-Kazooie: Gruntys Revenge (A Banjo Kazooie Sequel)

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