Game & Watch Gallery 3 Review

Overall rating: 5 / 10

Controls: 4 / 5

It has very simple controls, and the way you use them matters a lot.

Fun Factor: 3 / 5

It has multiple games, but once you get a high score and you can't beat that score any more, then it starts to get boring.

Sound: 2 / 5

The tunes are boring.

Graphics: 2 / 5

It has bad coloring. The levels look flat.

Rent / Buy: Rent

You should try to beat it with the rental. It's not one of those games that you like to play over and over again after you beat the game.


This game is very addictive if you have played g&w (which stands for game&watch gallery) if you haven't here's how it works, there's about 5 games.. (there's some secret games but I don't want to give anything away). So you pick a game gives you the instructions ,buttons ,skill etc.. You start it and what you try to do is get the most amount of points you can .. 50 points gets you a star! 3 lives once you lose those GAME OVER! Saves your high score and try again. Once you get some stars you get buildings.. and secret games.. most amount of Star points you can get is 1000 once you get that on a game you cant get any more stars L. But.. there is a Easy Mode,and hard mode.

So.. if you like highscore games and challenging games this ones for you!
And if you want you can get g & w 1 and 2 first.. then get 3 that's what I did.
So.. get stars,have fun!

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