Iridion 3D Review

Overall rating: 6 / 10

Controls: 3 / 5

They're OK but its simple and kind of bad they could have had more too it, like had the L and R buttons be barrel roll or something

Fun Factor: 2 / 5

It's really hard is the problem but if you play it a lot you might get good at it and start to like it a lot.

Sound: 4 / 5

Great sound it really goes with the game like the sound of the lasers are great and the music is great too.

Graphics: 3 / 5

Pretty good but its kind of dark so it looks bad and its not pretty its only sometimes pretty

Rent / Buy: Rent

Rent its an OK game but you should see if its too hard for you or not cause if its too hard it wont be very fun at all.

Your mission is to fly into the future and destroy the monsters of space and their droid arsenals. You're this cool spaceship that can shoot lasers and if you grab certain items you can make your weapon really strong. You have to fly around in 7 big and hard stages of shooting action! the game can get boring if its too hard and if it is too hard try looking on the internet for cheats and hints. the game is fun some of the levels are colorful and nice but the others are dark and look bad like the space levels. There are only a few stages but they're hard so you won't get through it too fast. the last level is a level filled with lava and lava worms and lava bullets. The enemies start to get even tougher once you get through the stages more.

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