Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards

Overall rating: 6 / 10

Controls: 3 / 5

Really easy to use and figure out.

Fun Factor: 4 / 5

Pretty easy to beat the game but a few levels are frustrating.

Sound: 3 / 5

Nice music that's kind of fun to listen to.

Graphics: 3 / 5

Typical N64 graphics O.K but not too good

Rent / Buy: Buy

Buy you dont wanna miss out on this kirby game!

Kirby is laying down on the grass when this crystal falls on his head. He
picks it up, then this fairy comes. You cant hear or see what they're saying. Then you move on, and now your in control of Kirby, and this time you can
combine 2 powers instead of 1! The game is just sucking enemies, and spitting
them out, and battling the bosses, and collecting the fairy's crystals. Sometimes there are a few friends that help you along the way, like this weird
orange thing and king dedede.

You might enjoy the player's guide.

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