Mario Party 2 Review

Overall rating: 7 / 10

It's just like a board game except a little different…

Controls: 5 / 5

You don't really use controls very much for this game, so they can't be bad.

Fun Factor: 4 / 5

The mini-games are the best part, although the board games aren't that bad. Well the game play sort of sucks cause you have to wait your turn, like on a real board game.

Sound: 3 / 5

The music isn't that bad -- normal Mario music.

Graphics: 5 / 10

Graphics aren't everything right? Yep its just like the others… Click here to see some screenshots.

Rent / Buy: Rent

If you're a party animal buy it, but if not rent it

Mario, Luigi, Peach, Wario and the gang want to be named after a land. So they decide to play Mario Party and determine who will be the person to be named after the land.

So it starts out where you get to choose a game board to play on, and on some of the game boards there are hazards and weird stuff. After everyone gets their turn
you get to play a mini game! Which is why I gave the Fun Factor 4 / 5, is because the mini games are the best thing about the game and a lot of the times you have to wait a bit and I'm a restless guy so I gave it a 4.

Yeah so… when you have some friends over rent Mario party 2 and have some fun you're going to be rumbling all night…

You might enjoy the player's guides. Both are available from Click here for the Prima guide, or click here for the Official Guide (or click on the images below).

Prima's Mario Party 2 Player's Guide Official Mario Party 2 Player's Guide

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