Paper Mario Review


by Dingo (

Overall rating: 8 /10

Paper Mario

Same old thing, Bowser, Peach etc -- except in an Rpg…

Controls: 4/ 5

The controls are very simple, and easy to figure out.

Fun Factor: 3/ 5

Its addictive at first, but then you start to get tired of it and then you move on to a new game! There's a lot of stuff to do after you beat the game. So it takes a long time, but its still fun to do all of it.

Sound: 3/ 5

Annoying music, and the tunes get stuck in your head.

Graphics: 3 / 5

The graphics are cool. Its 2D paper view its weird but nice. Click here to see some screenshots of the game.

Rent / Buy: Buy

Buy! Definitely don't rent it buy it now! (Sharky says rent it first).


Yep same old thing Bowser, Mario, Peach story SUCKS except Bowser has stolen the star rod from star haven.

You also get partners to help you in the battles. You've played an RPG right? After you beat the first boss you get a star spirit which lets you do an ability like getting 5hp and 5fp back and a sleeping move and a 7 damage move. But the star spirit moves take star energy. You can also get badges that help You along your way like a defensive one and a happy heart one well, you'll see. Once you beat the 2nd boss you get another star spirit and after the 3rd another one etc. And when you get 7 star spirits you face up with Bowser who has the star rod, which makes him invincible, but luckily you find a way to defeat him -- but I don't want to ruin it for you. I hope you have fun playing it!

Click here to buy the Prima strategy guide or here for the Official guide from (or click on the image below).

Click here to buy Paper Mario at

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