Pokemon Silver Review


by Dingo (dingo@myfavoritegames.com)

Overall rating: 4 / 10

Controls: 3 / 5

Very easy to use you mostly just use the arrows and the A button.

Fun Factor: 1 / 5

Not very fun too slow but some how it just brain washes you so you wanna
play it and your hooked but once you get sick of it its not that fun.

Graphics: 2 / 5

Bad graphics its on the game boy so there bad.

Rent / Buy

Rent. Alot of people love this game so you should get it too to see what the fuss is about.

Another Pokemon game for all you Pokemaniacs out there this time there's
whole new pokemon and old ones too you start in your house in your bedroom
then you go downstairs your mom talks to you and then she gives you some
pokegear head outside and go to this big house than this prof. guy talks to
you and asks you to choose one of these rare pokemon choose one then head on
out walk a ways keep walking and your cell phone will ring its the prof. its
an emergency so head all the way back and talk to the prof he says that one
of his pokemon have been stolen and so then walk back and a lot more stuff

If you walk in grassy areas you sometimes get into a pokemon battle
and the more pokemon you battle and the more battles you win the more
exprience points you get so you can up your level so your pokemon can learn
new moves and get more powerful along the way you also face pokemon trainers
who battle you and in each town theres a pokemon gym and there are gym
leaders and if you beat the gym leader he/she gives you a badge and a TM a
TM is something that makes your pokemon learn a move right off the bat there
are 16 gyms and once you get all 16 badges you go and face the Elite four a
powerful good group of gym leader people and then after you do that you beat
the game.

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