SSX: Snowboard Supercross Review

Overall rating: 9 / 10

Graphics 5 / 5

Great graphics everything looks like it should and the snow is incredible and it still beats the new games that are just coming out now

Fun Factor 5 / 5

This game has so much to do you never want to put the remote down its easy to get started and then it gets a bit more chllenging as you go with some of cool tricks you can do but thats only if you WANT to they aren't a must to if you find it hard.

Controls 5 / 5

Great controls no problems with them and very easy to use no thinking about what button to press.

Rent / Buy: Buy
This is one of my all time favorites....I don't want to ramble on about the good stuff so i'll just say I can't think of any bad stuff.

SSX is a snowboarding game where you get to choose from a few characters from different countries like Mac, Elise and some more. You can also earn some more characters also. There is one Level and once you get in 1st 2nd or 3rd you get another level and if you get in 1st you can boost your statistics a lot but if you get 2nd you boost it a little and in 3rd a teeny bit. You can do tricks and when you do tricks you get adrenaline and adrenaline helps you boost so you can win easier. There's also a trick book so when you do a new trick it puts it in there and if you get enough tricks in the trick book you get a new outfit just for fashion it doesn't help you in the race.

There's a lot more levels like a shopping mall and a mountain type area and a stunt level called "Pipe Dream" where there's a whole bunch of pipes to grind on. In all the levels there's some really cool shortcuts and how you know where they are is there's this SSX sign that's made out of glass and when you crash thru it that's the shortcut.

There are also some secret characters once you beat more levels you get the secret characters. The snow looks great and so do the people.

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