Super Mario Advance


by Dingo (

Overall rating: 8 /10

Controls: 4 / 5

Very simple. All you use is the A/B and the arrows. Really easy to figure out.

Fun Factor: 4 / 5

Very fun to play through all the levels but once you do that you can still do multiplayer with 1-4 of your friends or family and if you like the Mario bros. classic but don't have a friend then you can play alone and once you beat the game you can still do the egg thing. So there's a lot of stuff to do.

Sound: 2 / 5

The sound can get pretty annoying if you play as Toad or Luigi there voices sound bad.

Graphics: 3 / 5

You've played super Mario Bros 2 right? Well this time it has better graphics and such. Click here to see some screenshots.

Rent / Buy: Buy

A big frog named Wart has taken over the land of dreams. And turned it into a nightmare. It all starts when Mario falls asleep. Then he's in a dream walking up a staircase he opens the door and sees this horrible world filled with bad creatures this is the Story just so you know, so he has to stop Wart and you play through 7 worlds 3 levels in each world you pick up plants and throw them at other enemies and you get to play as Mario, Luigi, Toad or Peach and they have different statistics and weaknesses. Once you beat the game there's still a lot of stuff to do like this egg finding game you'll see when after you beat the game I won't take my time to explain. There's also a multiplayer Mario classic Game.

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