Super Mario Land Review

Overall rating: 8 / 10

This game is old but its pretty fun and you can play it over and over and its still challenging, so get it.

Controls: 5 / 5

The controls are really easy just jump and fireball and run and walk; it's that simple.

Fun Factor: 4 / 5

This game has a lot of levels, but once you beat the game do not turn off the Game Boy to play again! Because the game gets twice as hard! If you beat it when its twice as hard you get a level select, but if you turn the Game Boy off, you have to start over.

Sound: 3 / 5

Nice mario music and when you grab one of those invincible stars it plays the Can Can song.

Graphics: 2 / 5

Well most of it is black & white even on a Game Boy Color so the graphics really stink

Rent / Buy: Buy

It starts off at the menu, where youchoose start and you just start playing. Mario in this game is very small but when you get a mushroom he grows a little bigger like usual, and if you get a fire flower instead of the fireballs going straight they bounce, and if you stomp on a koopa troopa it turns into a bomb and blows up. Every once in a while theres a boss, and to beat it you can hit it with fireballs or get behind the boss to the exit.

The game is great you can play it over and over. On one level you can be in a submarine and in another your in an airplane (but thats the last). The only thing bad about this game is it has horrible graphics, Mario is so small, and so are the enemys. If the people were a little bit bigger and the game had more color in it, it would be way better. Its a pretty old game but still its challenging and fun, so get it!

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