Super Smach Bros. Review

Overall rating: 9 / 10

Controls: 5 / 5

Controls are very good (Dark Rift is similar, but a little better).

Fun Factor: 5 / 5

It's a very fun game. It has lots of different modes to challenge your friends.

Sound: 4 / 5

Good tunes to listen to, from a number of different games -- for example, from old Mario games, Starfox, and others.

Graphics: 3 / 5

The graphics are pretty good, although Mario Kart 64 is better. Click here to see some screen shots of the game.

Rent / Buy: Buy

I Love this game! It kicks butt. Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game filled with Mario, DK, Yoshi, Samus and some of your other favorite characters from Mario, Super Metroid, Star Fox and other old favorites. You have those wonderful moves from the heroes' previous games like Mario's fireball and Yoshi's tongue. The characters include Kirby, Link, and a few secret ones J. It's not like those other fighting games where when your energy's down you're dead! Its not really energy, you can kind of live-forever if you're an expert. So you start out with 0% energy. When you get hit your energy goes up. Then you get weaker and you can fly farther, but luckily you have some items that can help. Hearts give you all your energy back. There are also weapons like beam sword, hammer (from the original DK) and other fun little items too.

Some levels have big arenas or small arenas. When you get knocked off the level you're dead, but unfortunately when you play story mode or whatever you want to call it, you don't get to play as some of the characters. For example there's Metal Mario from Super Mario 64 and Giant DK. I wont give away the last boss though. This game is just fun. It has lots and lots of secret stuff. Up to four people can play.

You can also play against an easy CPU or a very very hard CPU. This game is lots of fun and it's great for parties. This game's a blast! This game is wonderful very very fun. You can also play as Star Fox and Pikachu. One of the secret characters is jigglypuff! Get her by beating the game on any skill any amount of lives she's the easiest to get. I think the best character is Yoshi! He has pretty powerful good combos. Then comes DK. He is the only one who can pick up barrels and crates and walk around with them. Buy it now! If you liked Dark Rift or War Gods you'll like this game.

The only thing I don't really like about this game is that it's way too easy. Click here to buy it from Get it and have fun.

Here's one cheat before you go. Play VS. Mode 50 times (not in a row) to get an item switch. I won't tell you what that is, but it's a darn good cheat.

Click here to get the Player's Guide

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