Tekken 3 Review

Overall rating: 8 / 10

Controls: 3 / 5

Pretty hard to figure out the combos and moves and stuff but the rest is fine. There are plenty of simple moves you can learn in seconds.

Fun Factor: 4 / 5

Theres a lot of modes and a lot of stuff to do so its pretty fun.

Sound: 3 / 5

Sometimes can get pretty annoying.

Graphics: 3 / 5

They're not bad for there time i remember i thought they were amazing then i come back to it after Tekken Tag Tournament (PS2) and I thought they were crap but for there time and compared to other Playstation games its great.

Rent / Buy: Buy

You dont wanna miss on this sequel of a fighting game.

The Tekken fighters are back. This time there are a few more than befor,e and
they're older and better too. There are a lot of modes to choose from like:
Story, Survival, Team Battle, VS., and some secret modes too. In survival mode
you have to survive thru as many rounds as you can. In vs. mode its a 2
player fight, and story mode is just the regular mode where you get the
secret characters and secret modes by doing certain things. There's also a
mode called force mode where it's like a side scrolling fighting game, and if
you beat all the levels you get a new character called dr.B who is a weird

You might enjoy getting one of the player's guides. They are both out of print now, but you can still get them used. Click on one of the images below for more information.

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