Wario Land 2 Review

Overall rating: 6 / 10

Controls: 5 / 5

Very simple to use and easy to figure out.

Fun Factor: 3 / 5

You can't die but when you get hit you lose your coins, and when you lose all your coins you still don't die. In every level theres a treasure and you need coins to buy that treasure so you dont want to get hit a lot by bad guys. In some of the levels theres an alternate path and if you comeplete that path you get an alternate ending.

Sound: 2 / 5

There isn't to much sound in this game but, there are some songs and they aren't that great.

Graphics: 3 / 5

The graphics are smooth and when theres enemys in the room it sometimes glitches but that doesn't happen to often.

Rent / Buy: Buy

If your a fan of Wario this is a must buy. Otherwise rent it if you wish but i suggest buying it even if you are not familiar with him.

Your name is Wario and your Mario’s arch nemesis. It begins when you're
sleeping at your big castle three spear people come in and steal your treasure then one spear person turns on this big faucet and the other one turns on this stupid alarm clock that keeps buzzing and buzzing then they leave with the treasure. You're in your bed and now you're in control of Wario get out of bed and then play the game… just so you know you're automatically invincible! When you face a boss you cant die you just get knocked out of the arena some how and then you have to find your way back. Some of the bosses are: A crow, a snake, a rabbit and a whole lot more.on one level you even fight a bull and a honey bee and even a ghost.

There's also a whole bunch of secret levels! and in all the levels theres a treasure hidden in a door and how you get the treasure is you gotta play a game and what you do is you either have to pay 50 coins 100 coins or 150 coins. If you pay 50 it's hard mode and if you pay 100 normal mode etc... how you play is it's memory and sharp eyeing; you gotta have speed also it shows a picture of a enemy then all these cards flip over, and if its on hard mode they flip back really fast, and if you guess the right one you win the treasure! Once you beat a level you can play another game. There's these cards, and you lose coins when you don't wanna guess what it is is a number and when you stop, then you guess what it is. If you guess right you get a card and when you get all the cards it fills up a picture and then you can see the picture.

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