X-Men Mutant Academy Review

Overall rating: 8 / 10

Controls: 3 / 5

Controls are pretty good but, some of the time when you try to do a combo it messes up and doesn't happen and you get really screwed.

Fun Factor: 3 / 5

X-Men Mutant Academy is very long and has tons of movies to unlock, characters, and many, many more. Another good thing about it is you dont start off with nothing they give all you need and then you can unlock what you want from there.

Sound: 5 / 5

The sounds are great they actually got the origanal voices from the TV show. The music that plays in the backgrounds on the levels isn't the greatest but I dont mind it.

Graphics: 3 / 5

The graphics still top some of the most popular games for PS2 and remember this game is more the origanal playstation. Although the graphics are good for its time some of the levels are a little dark.

Rent / Buy: Rent

I suggest you rent it first incase this isn't your thing....but you may love X-Men and already know this is what you want like I did...but the combos are pretty complicated and this game is not easy.

You get to choose from a few characters in this fighting game, and then you have to unlock the other ones. There are a number of modes like: Story, Survival, Vs. and some other ones. Story is the regular mode where you earn the characters, Survival is where you try to survive thru as many rounds as you can and Vs. is where you go head-to-head with a friend and you get to be the secret characters too! There's also a training mode where you train so you can fight better and learn more moves. In tutorial mode Professor X,. who is the teacher and owner of the academy, teaches you techniques and the basics. Some of the X-men you can be are: Storm, Wolverine, Cyclops, Gambit, Beast and more. Theres a lot of stuff to do so it lasts for a while but it is pretty hard.

You might enjoy the player's guide.

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